Not only USB modems, I can even attack Mobile phones

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Russian security researchers have discovered that most of the 3G and 4G USB modems/sticks produced by Chinese hardware manufacturers, provided by mobile operators and telcos to their subscribers are wide open to attacks.

According to the researchers who tested many 3G and 4G modem sticks obtained from various telcos over the past few months, USB sticks produced by chinese hardware manufacturers Huawei and ZTE pose serious security threat.

The security researchers, Nikita Tarakanov and Oleg Kupreev have already managed to show many ways to attack the modems through software vulnerabilities.

This is possible because many chinese-made modems are identical, and therefore its software is very similar. Thus one can make an image of the modem’s file system, alter it and save it back on the modem.

The researchers pointed out that it appeared surprisingly easy to modify the software with the help of free instruments available from Huawei and other…

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