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LinkedIn Adds Facebook-Style Mentions Of People And Companies In Status Updates And Home-Page Comments


LinkedIn has just announced on its blog that a new Facebook-style mention feature, letting users tag companies or users, is officially official.

This morning, TNW noticed a feature being tested on LinkedIn that would let users mention other LinkedIn members or companies in status updates, instantly sending a notification to that user or company’s profile. Not every user had access to the mention feature this morning, but it appears LinkedIn is rolling it out to users as we speak.

Mentions aren’t revolutionary by any means. Facebook has had an auto-complete feature built in for a while now that lets you select a friend from a drop-down menu as soon as you begin typing a name. Before that, Twitter was the real origin of the mention, with the help of a now-ubiquitous @ symbol.

On LinkedIn, you simply type in the name of the LinkedIn connection or company within the status…

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