LinkedIn Adds Facebook-Style Mentions Of People And Companies In Status Updates And Home-Page Comments

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LinkedIn Adds Facebook-Style Mentions Of People And Companies In Status Updates And Home-Page Comments


LinkedIn has just announced on its blog that a new Facebook-style mention feature, letting users tag companies or users, is officially official.

This morning, TNW noticed a feature being tested on LinkedIn that would let users mention other LinkedIn members or companies in status updates, instantly sending a notification to that user or company’s profile. Not every user had access to the mention feature this morning, but it appears LinkedIn is rolling it out to users as we speak.

Mentions aren’t revolutionary by any means. Facebook has had an auto-complete feature built in for a while now that lets you select a friend from a drop-down menu as soon as you begin typing a name. Before that, Twitter was the real origin of the mention, with the help of a now-ubiquitous @ symbol.

On LinkedIn, you simply type in the name of the LinkedIn connection or company within the status…

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Asthmapolis raises $5M to fight asthma with sensors and smartphones

Mobile health takes on a new meaning. #Innovations


For people with asthma, the basic inhaler has long been the best weapon against attacks, but some companies are beginning to arm patients with even higher tech tools.

On Thursday, one those companies, Madison, Wisc.-based Asthmapolis, said it had raised $5 million from The Social+Capital Partnership for its system that combines sensor technology, smartphones and personalized support. The Series A funding follows an undisclosed amount raised in a seed round and a $1.9 convertible note.

Co-founder and CEO David Van Sickle, a medical anthropologist who has spent his career studying asthma, said he started experimenting with the use of electronics and inhalers in 2006.

The basic concept behind the Asthmapolis technology is that patients are given a re-attachable Bluetooth-enabled sensor to affix to the top of their inhaler.  Each time a patient uses the inhaler, the sensor records when and where it was used and then wirelessly transmits that…

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Bloomberg adds Twitter feeds to financial platfrom on heels of new SEC rules

Ah ha! Twitter wins the hearts of Wall Street , a LOT has happened in the last 24 hours!


Bloomberg LLC’s terminals, used by financial analysts and traders around the world, will now integrate Twitter feeds to help investors watch for market-moving information.

The new feature, which Bloomberg announced on Tuesday, comes after the Securities and Exchange Commission updated its disclosure rules to say that public companies can now reveal important news on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook (s fb).

For practical purposes, Bloomberg’s decision means traders will not have to monitor a separate screen to watch for companies or executives that announce news on Twitter. While most market-moving news still arrives by way of traditional news wire agencies or official websites, social media sites are becoming an increasingly important tool for distributing such information.

The SEC’s rule to allow social media disclosures comes after an investigation into Netflix (s nflx) CEO Reed Hastings’ decision to share relevant corporate information through a Facebook post.

Under the new…

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Facebook Home Will Be Available To Download On April 12 In The Play Store For Samsung And HTC Users


Today at the Facebook phone event, the company unveiled Facebook Home, an Android “app” that will change your phone’s home screen and core features. It will be released in the Play Store on April 12, with an update coming every month.

At first, Facebook Home will only work on selected devices, because the company needs to work with hardware partners to make it compatible. The HTC One, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note II will be compatible from the get-go. It seems like only Samsung and HTC worked with Facebook for now. The Nexus 4 won’t get it.

When it comes to tablets, the company said that it will come eventually. In “several months,” tablet users will be able to install Facebook Home, assuming that you are using an Android tablet. Facebook simply said that the tablet experience “was not done…

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Android Is Where Facebook Home’s Heart Is, Not Coming To iOS Anytime Soon


After Facebook introduced “Home,” its new launcher for Android phones that will help you engage with your friends quickly without having to open the actual app, I asked Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg if such a product could ever find its way to iOS.

Clearly, the reason for “starting with Android,” as Zuckerberg put it at the beginning of the Home event, is because Google’s mobile operating system is completely open, can be modified or forked by anyone and allows more customizations than any other mobile OS.

When it comes to iOS, Zuckerberg was quick to remind us that it already has a partnership with Apple, since Facebook is as deeply integrated into the operating system as a company can get. Currently, you can tweet of update your Facebook status from the notification screen on your iDevice. A complete customization like this would be a tough sell for Apple, and it’s…

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Chrome 27 Beta Lets You Browse 5% Faster, Introduces New HTML5 Date And Time Input Forms


The latest Chrome beta just hit Google’s release channels and Chrome 27 for desktop, and mobile promises to speed up your web-browsing experience by making content appear on your screen 5 percent faster than before. Also new in this release are a new user interface for HTML5 date and time input forms, support for live audio input using the Web Audio API, some minor updates to the Chrome DevTools and a few other minor updates, such as unprefixed support for the allowfullscreen attribute for <iframe>.

Speed, of course, is something Google has always been obsessed with, and a 5 percent increase in how soon web content appears is something the Chrome team is obviously proud of. To make this possible, Google says, the scheduler is now “more aggressive about using an idle connection and demoting the priority of preloaded resources so that they don’t interfere with critical assets.”

Also new…

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Chairs Only Have Bit Parts In Facebook’s First Official Facebook Home Ad


Facebook has posted its first official promotional video for Facebook Home to its YouTube account, and unfortunately it isn’t the bizarre video set on an airplane they showed during their presentation earlier today. Instead, it uses the classic method of tugging at your heart strings and playing on your disconnectedness from real-life relationships to suggest how much a device could help with that.

The idea that using a phone will somehow bring you closer to your immediate real-world family and friends more so than, say, actually interacting with them in person is nothing if not a little bit ridiculous. And that comes through in the way that people in the video are either A) laughing and having fun with friends, or B) checking out Facebook Home on what looks like the new HTC First hardware, but never truly C) doing both at once.

Maybe saddest of all is that…

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Here are the likely specs of AT&T’s $99 HTC First with Facebook Home pre-installed

#tech #mobile #HTC #FacebookHome


At a press event on Thursday, Facebook(s fb) introduced a custom launcher for Android(s goog) called Facebook Home. The software will be pre-installed on certain handsets with the initial one being the HTC First, a device for AT&T’s (s t) LTE network that arrives in stores on April 12. As expected, it’s a mid-range handset with a price to match: $99.99 on contract.

What does that $100 and two-year commitment get you? AT&T isn’t providing many details on the handset, but says it has a 4.3-inch display, runs Android 4.1 and uses a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400(s qcom) processor, which is the third most powerful of the four newest Qualcomm chips. I did a little sleuthing on HTC’s site and also found the following hardware information, which sounds about right for $99.

  • 16 GB of internal storage
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • Internal GPS antenna + GLONASS, Digital compass
  • 802.11…

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