Virus Bulletin Conference Papers (3)

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Virus Bulletin 2003 (Thanks, Helen, for digging up a copy for me! I can’t believe I didn’t keep a proofed version.)

David Harley; Fact, Fiction and Managed Anti-Malware Services: Vendors, Resellers and Customers Divided by a Common Language; Virus Bulletin Conference Proceedings, 2003. Copyright is held by Virus Bulletin Ltd, but is made available on this site for personal use free of charge by permission of Virus Bulletin.

This paper was on a topic very dear to my heart, at the time: part of my job was liaising with a company to whom part of our security was outsourced, against my advice. That would be the part of the job description section labelled “in-house scapegoat”.

Not all of the assumptions on which the malware management ethos is founded have changed since the 1980s. The anti-virus research community is aware of changes in malware technology, and in malware-management technology…

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